Our Commitment

Cedar & Steam evolved from the idea that health and wellness should be something we fit into our daily routine. That mental health is just as important as physical health. That there are natural ways of healing and detoxing that we should incorporate into our lifestyle. We set out with the belief that if we created a space that would allow us to fully relax, we could be the best versions of ourselves.

Cedar & Steam is a unique boutique spa specializing in sauna, steam and massage. We offer an affordable and convenient way to relax so you can take time for yourself everyday. Bringing you a new social environment and a deeper way to connect with people through the relaxation process. Providing you opportunities to have the experience you want. We created spaces for conversation and connection or you can find stillness and quiet. We are here to support you on your wellness journey and living your best life!

An escape within your city!

Individual Change Rooms

CEDAR & STEAM is a boutique spa. That means we don’t have all the amenities of a full spa. We’ve maximized the square footage in the sauna & steam rooms for your enjoyment. We eliminated full size change rooms and opted for unisex individual shower stalls & bathrooms. What does this mean for you? More affordable prices & a focus on the good stuff!

Please note we don’t allow hairdryers on site due to noise unless you are renting the entire facility. We also highly recommend coming o’natural. Why? We want your skin to breathe! We do sell make-up wipes at the Remedy bar if you forget. Just ask!

An award winning boutique spa!

We’ve heard great things from you and now we’re so proud to announce that Cedar & Steam has been already recognised internationally!

The Travel & Hospitality Awards judges have deemed us to be Alberta’s 2020 & 2022 Best Boutique Spa – and we’re pretty excited about it! Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have helped us build this amazing community.

Our Team

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.
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Our Careers

Relaxation Specialists

Registered Massage Therapists

Our Vision

Always evolving and developing to create unique experiences to relax the mind and body.

Our Mission

“To inspire a healthier lifestyle through mental and physical relaxation.”