Leadership Team

Come Experience the Secrets of Relaxation

Behind the scenes are critical leadership roles that support the Relaxation Specialists (RS) and Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) team’s as well as our wellness community. It takes a team to run our boutique spa. The spa opened in Aug of 2019 and the leadership team emerged in early 2021. Each role was added to support the team and the founder so that the company could continue to grow and scale; while improving customer service, our experience and building the vision.    

We continue to evolve, adapt and pivot to the world around us. We continue to look for ways we can improve and strive to do better each and every day. The leadership team contributes to the overall brand and vision of the company through policy creation, training, hiring and coaching. 

As a team we all have our zones of genius (our specialities) in which we operate in and add value to the team overall but we often collaborate and cross train to support each other or add another perspective. 

Our Team

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Sara L, MIR (she/her)

Human Resources
Bio coming soon.

Tiffany H (she/Her)

Accounting Analyst
My extensive customer service and management experience has taught me to meet and exceed customers expectations with exceptional service. I am a positive and highly motivated individual who aims to create and maintain productive and effective working relationships with others.

Just prior to working for Cedar & Steam, I obtained an apprenticeship with a Certified Professional Accountant, learning accounts payable, treasury management, inventory, payroll and much of the accounting cycle. I work in operations at the spa as it pertains to the Accounting cycle.

Favorite Sauna / Steam Room: Himalayan Salt Sauna
Goals: I would like to continue to learn and grow at Cedar & Steam.
Something Personal: I maintain an active lifestyle outside of the work environment, being active in my community, my family and volunteering at my children’s school and sports. I enjoy finding adventure and fun and can often be found hiking, biking, skiing, in the mountains or socializing with friends and family.

Elissa W (she/Her)

Spa Director
I was a dancer and then a dance teacher and that helped me learn how important it is to take care of both your physical and mental health, dance was always a great outlet for me.
I went to school for Administration and found my talent for that!

I think it is so important for everyone to find something they love that makes them happy.

Favourite Sauna/Steam Room: Himalayan Salt Sauna
Goals: I really want to focus on growing into my position and a big challenge for me is learning to delegate over doing.
Something Personal: I am very involved in the live music scene. I help with different events as well as book shows for a venue. I also love sewing!

Jackie F (she/her)

Spa Manager
I previously came from a Wellness Center that specializes in stress management and overall wellness.

As a retreat and a way to disconnect I became a member of Cedar & Steam since it opened its doors. I love what they offer and what they stand for. I am proud to be part of such an amazing business and team.

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. Both my professional and personal experiences have allowed me to truly understand that your “health is your wealth!”.

Favourite Sauna or Steam room: Infrared Sauna
Goals: To grow with Cedar & Steam and continue learning in the health and wellness industry.
Something Personal: I actively volunteer in my community with Friends of Fish Creek, where their mission is to engage with our community to create conservation awareness in Fish Creek Provincial Park. Born and raised in Calgary, I am passionate about my roots… especially our backyard. If I am not in the spa you can find me in the mountains on my latest adventure.

Alex T (he/him)

Assistant Manager
I moved to Vancouver to pursue a Fashion Marketing diploma from Blanche MacDonald Centre. I enjoy working with people and providing a high quality experience for everyone. I enjoy working in a peaceful and calming environment.

I value self care and self growth.

Favourite Sauna/Steam Room: Steam Room
Goals: A goal of mine is to be more active and spend more time outdoors. A work goal of mine would be to learn more about overall business operations.
Something Personal: I love to do my skincare and enjoy a good beauty rest. I also love chemistry and learning about the formulation of skincare.

Brooklyn L (she/her)

Spa Supervisor
In the fall I will be going to Mount Royal to study Physical Literacy to pursue Occupational Therapy. I am very passionate about the positive impact that an active lifestyle has on both your physical and mental health, and am excited to learn more about the field!

With my previous job being in retail I started to really enjoy customer service and focusing on the positive impact I could make on people’s lives. I think being able to connect with so many people in the spa and wellness environment is super valuable and meaningful. Being able to contribute to other people’s own wellness and self care in the spa environment is the reason I think customer service is so important and can be very valuable to peoples lives*

I am very passionate about self care and how it positively contributes to your mental health and wellbeing

Favourite Sauna or Steam room: Cedar Sauna
Goals: I am excited to dive deeper into how heat therapy is not only beneficial to self care and wellbeing, but also how it helps the body recover from an active lifestyle. This is something that I am very interested in and also something that will positively contribute to my education.
Something Personal: I have played soccer for 10 years as well as coach youth soccer. Soccer has always been something I have loved and I am very passionate about the positive impacts it has had on my life.