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We book on fit. What does this mean? Well, we believe everyone likes something different when it comes to massage therapy. Massage techniques range around the world from styles, to pressure to technical influence. Thai massage techniques are different from Swedish or asian influence techniques. Different modalities serve different purposes. Some RMT’s combine energy work or Reiki into their practice.

When we set out to hire RMT’s for Cedar & Steam we looked for different influences, modalities, training and education to be able to offer to you a diverse team of RMT’s to choose from. We believe finding the right fit is important because each one of us might be looking for something different. From treating an injury, to increasing flexibility, working on muscle recovery to pure relaxation.

We recommend reading the RMT’s bio’s and discovering the right fit for you.  We’ve also designed our pricing to allow for flexibility within your massage to experience different techniques during your duration. Don’t be shy to discuss different styles and ask questions with your RMT. They are there to advise you and guide you along your wellness journey.      

Our Team

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Laura K, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
I have dedicated my life to helping others overcome physical and mental health issues which continually inspires me as a practitioner of the healing arts. I have practiced alignment therapy for 35 years and enjoy helping people overcome acute and chronic conditions and witnessing miracles unfold.

I first graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 1985 and have since added a Masters in Psychology with credentials in Manual Therapy, Swedish Massage, Cranio sacral, lymphatic, cupping and hot stone modalities.

Area of Strength: Chronic treatment resistant conditions
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform: Therapeutic
Goals: I would like to study equine therapy.
Consider another teammate for: Donna for Hot Stone

Donna J, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
I was trained as a therapist at MH Vicars and have done cranial visceral hot stones cupping lymphatic drainage and Thai massage courses. I have a masters in counselling and that love of psychology underpins most of the careers I’ve had including working with children with disabilities.

I love meeting people and becoming an RMT allowed me to work in an environment that I find very therapeutic and positive.

Area of Strength: I love working through the back neck shoulders, releasing the sacrum and glutes and stripping through the scalenes in the neck.
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform: Aroma detox
Goals: I’m refining my cranial and visceral skills and would like to bring them to the spa in early October as well as facial massage at some point in the future.
Consider another teammate for: Laura’s Lymph or Anjali’s Cupping

Michelle P, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
I love to promote health and wellness to every client with massage techniques stretching and self care. My credentials include 2200 hours Sutherland Chan 1994, Kinesiology, Endermologie Technician, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Myofascial Cupping, Thai Massage, and Aroma Detox Massage.

Area of Strength: Myofascial cupping, Reflexology and Aromadetox massage
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform: Myofascial cupping
Goals: I would like to explore Osteopathic training 

Anjali B, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
I’m a massage therapist because I have seen the good that massage can do, I have learned so much these last couple years and I want to help people find peace and relief from pain, in their busy and demanding worlds.

Area of Strength: Upper body, back, shoulders, rotator cuffs and pecs
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform:Customized with cupping
Goals: I would like to learn visceral massage and learn more about lymphatic drainage.
Consider another teammate for: Jaya or  Mary for a Sport massage

Sarah S, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
My passion for building community, helping people and living an active life led me to begin a fulfilling career in massage therapy. I believe regular massage can help alleviate pain, improve posture and increase an overall sense of well being.

I’m trained in myofascial cupping, orthopaedic assessment and lymphatic drainage, as well as TMJ, prenatal, deep tissue and Swedish massage. I graduated with 3000-hours from Makami College and am an active member of the CRMTA.

Area of Strength: I use therapeutic massage techniques to help improve mobility and reduce areas of tension.
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform:Therapeutic
Goals: I would like to learn Thai massage.
Consider another teammate for: See Anjali for a Hot Stone Massage

Mary Jin Mu, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
A nice, warm and hard working person. Unique education and techniques. Chinese TUINA and western relaxation massage allow me to have more opportunity to help my clients.

2011: Certificate of Chinese TUINA
2014: Diploma of Massage
2015: Certificate of Thai Massage and Aromatherapy
2022 Certificate of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

Area of Strength: I can use reflexology on foot, hand, and ears to help sinus’, improve vision, and ears tingling.
I can use the universal energy to increase yang to help cold hands and feet. This treatment will be better during morning time especially in the Summer. I have practiced energy medication since 2010 and use this organic natural technique to cleanse the body.
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform: Deep Tissue
Goals: I’d like to learn more about lymphatic massage.
Consider another teammate for: Laura: Thereputic (Hips and Shoulders)

Jaya A, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
Being a mountain girl, I grew up admiring natural lifestyle and ways of natural healing. Choosing to be a Massage Therapist is an extension of my passion to be able to create positive aura and to help people live and feel healthy, not just physically but also mentally. It’s about mindset that needs to be cultivated for a mindful living.

With a background in Communications and writing I use these communication skills to listen to the body, seek out the deeper underlying issues and then treat areas of concern. Combined skills in communication and massage therapy make me a very intuitive therapist.

Area of Strength: I have guided guests needing longer duration massages by incorporating PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretches which increases flexibility, range of motion, and strength for areas like Hips, Quads, Hamstrings, and Adductors, Biceps & Triceps, even for cervical group of muscles for neck pain relief.
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform:Therapeutic Style (blend of deep tissue work and relaxing techniques)
Goals: Have been continuously upgrading and want to dive more into Craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage massage
Consider another teammate for: Thai Massage: Jillian

Jillian W, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
Massage is my form of artistic expression. I have 10 years experience with training in Hot Stone Therapy, Rain drop Therapy and Traditional Thai massage.

Area of Strength: Therapeutic massage, with pressure according to the muscle responses or client feedback.
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform: Swedish
Goals: I’d like to dive deeper into Thai massage techniques and continue to expand my knowledge in this area
Consider another teammate for: Donna for Lymphatic drainage.

Jayde H, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
I became a RMT because I love helping people feel their best and have had experience working in different clinical settings. I started my first job as an RMT at a wellness centre and then switched to a Chiropractic office setting.

I enjoy working on injuries and helping the supporting muscles with compensation. I also enjoy a simple relaxation massage.

Favourite Type of Massage to Perform: therapeutic, focus on the things that need fixing but a nice mix of relaxation and deep tissue is perfect.
Goals: Reiki so I can help my clients with energy healing.
Consider another teammate for: Lymphatic drainage from Anjali
Something Personal: In my spare time I enjoy spending time with the people I love, especially my cat Forrest.

Veronika B, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
With a background as a certified personal trainer, I am a retired elite athlete, 3 time Olympian, World Champion and 18 World Cup medals. I competed in Freestyle Skiing, Aerials and was on the Canadian National team for 18 yrs.

As a graduate from Makami College for Massage Therapy I like to enjoy and trained in addressing abdominal issues, particularly around menstrual cramps.

Areas of Strength: Pin and stretch to restore proper muscle length. This improves nerve conduction as well as blood and lymph flow throughout the body to speed up the rate of healing and improve performance. Traction massage to mobilize a joint is another area I excel at.
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform:
Goals: Learning and understanding mental health issues. I would like to learn to use the Graston Technique.
Consider another teammate for: Jaya for Deep Tissue

Tina B, RMT (she/her)

Registered Massage Therapist
I believe in self-care for the long-haul! Taking care of your body and rehabbing injuries now is important for life long mobility. I enjoy working on injures to help bring clients back to their normal self.

I received my EMR Certification from SAIT in 2018, and graduated from Makami College as an RMT in 2022.

Area of Strength: I like to incorporate stretching techniques in my therapeutic treatments to help release tension and increase mobility.
Favourite Type of Massage to Perform: Therapeutic
Goals: I would like to learn Intra-oral Massage
Consider another teammate for: Jaya for Aroma Detox Massage
*Please note *We do not direct bill. All our RMT’s are registered and we can supply you with a receipt with their full name, association and RMT number upon request. Please advise the desk upon checkout and confirm your email address on file. We are paperless.