You're in our hands

Choose from a range of massages to suit your mental and physical needs. Our therapists will educate you and customize your massage around your bodies needs. We believe the body benefits from full relaxation and stillness which is why all of our massages include full access to our saunas and steam room. You can use our saunas and steam before or after your massage. Just let our relaxation specialists know what works for you.

With complimentary aromatherapy to awaken your senses and a flight of kombucha to keep you hydrated and healthy; we will have you going back into the world feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. The experience is simply transcending.

Make sure to bring your bathing suit if you are going to partake in sauna and steam as they are unisex and clothing is required. Maximum 2 hours of Sauna & Steam time included with every massage.

Please note, in attempt to create the most ideal relaxation environment we do not allow minors in the facility. This non-negotiable 18+ restriction also applies to massage.

You're in our hands

120 min massage
90 min massage
60 min massage
30 min massage

Hot Stone

90 min massage
60 min massage


Cupping has been around for centuries as a way to help areas of tension in the body. It is great for stiff muscles, migraines and anxiety. It can even help with cellulite! Myofascial cupping is when the cup is moved along the muscle to help the underlying tissues. The silicone cups are strategically placed allowing areas of tension to regenerate and replenish while easing tight muscles.
90 min massage
60 min massage
***Please note Cupping may leave markings on your skin for a few days***

Aromatherapy Detox Massage

Using 9 pure essential oils while combining massage therapy and reflexology techniques to help release tension in the mind and body. Essential oils are dropped along the spine like rain drops creating a sense of spirituality. The oils will having you detoxing for an additional 3-4 days after the massage.
90 minute massage
***We suggest using the sauna & steam room prior to this type of massage. This will begin your relaxation process while opening your pores. This allows the oils to absorb and penetrate deeper into the skin during the treatment. We suggest leaving the oils on the skin after the treatment, therefore not heading back into the sauna & steam room***

Lomilomi Massages

Looking for an escape? This massage is a spiritual experience that will have you re-energized and feeling like you were on that tropical vacation. Lomilomi techniques are used in ancient Hawaiian massage to heal the mind, body and soul. Lime aromatherapy is used in this massage as a refreshing way to stimulate & awaken your senses. Lime essential oil promotes mood, emotional balance & well being. This is a gentle massage with energy work and movement. There is a portion of this massage that is done while you are seated in your robe
60 min massage
A cold Lime scented face cloth is included with this massage. It is a great way to close your pores & stop you from perspiring as you head from the heat of our saunas into your massage. Enjoy!


Enjoy 10% off additional products and services [excluding other membership & passes]. You also get complimentary aromatherapy and a flight of Kombucha from our Remedy Bar. Enjoy!
Massage Membership
Carve out time every month for health and wellness. Includes one (1) 60 min massage per month. Sauna & steam included at time of massage.
Massage + Sauna & Steam Membership
One (1) 60 min massage per month + unlimited sauna & steam.

Relax Together

We do offer couples massages, however these are done in separate rooms. We suggest splitting your sauna & steam time before and after your massage as a perfect way to enjoy the space together!

Included in your massage


See the aromatherapy menu from our Remedy Bar to select one of our current oils to compliment your massage.

A flight of Kombucha

Choose 3 tasters from our current selection on tap. This refreshing and healthy drink can be enjoyed at our Remedy Bar or in one of our saunas.

Sauna & Steam Access

Access to our Cedar Sauna, Infrared Sauna, Himalayan Salt Sauna, Steam Room and Rinse Station. Change rooms, towels, lockers and showers.