Relaxation Specialists

We put relaxation first

Our Relaxation Specialists guide guests through the relaxation process. Setting each guest up for success by getting them checked in, touring them through our spa and pouring kombucha served on tap at our Remedy bar. 

The RS team is here to support our guests and keep the facility operating. Our RS team focuses on customer service, retail sales and reservations but behind the scenes they keep the spa clean and in operation. We split our RS team into two important roles working in conjunction with each other. The RS roles operate at the same time with different tasks lists and different priorities. We call these rolls Guru and Flow. Each team member is cross trained in both. We believe it takes a team to run the spa and each team member is vital to the operation and guest experience.

Our Team

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Devi B (she/her)

Relaxation Specialist
I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education. I’ve applied to be an Occupational Therapist.

I recognize the importance of an active lifestyle while creating time to focus on relaxation and self care!

I enjoy volunteering with kids with disabilities, and it has helped shape what I want to do with my future.

Goals: I want to know how I can help you relax and improve your mental state when you leave the spa and get back to your busy life. Ask me about our retail section!
Favourite Sauna/Steam room: Cedar Sauna
Something Personal: I love hanging out with my friends and playing soccer and basketball.

Amanda V. (she/her)

Relaxation Specialist
I have a background in health care as a personal support worker. My primary focus was Alzheimer’s, dementia and Palliative care. I value freedom, diversity, unity and creating safe spaces.

I am extremely open minded, and love meeting new and interesting people.

Goals: I would like to dive more into myself. Learning more about my innate gifts and becoming more empowered as a woman.
Favourite Sauna/Steam room: The Himalayan Salt room is my fave! I love feeling tension just dissolve…
Something Personal: I am the proud mom of an awesome teen boy. I have a very curious mind, always looking for mystery and adventure!

Katrina R. (she/her)

Relaxation Specialist
I studied interior decorating at Mount Royal University and received my certificate in April 2022.
Wellness is very important in my life, whether it’s mental or physical.

I am a very creative person and the energy within a space is very important to me. I love creating a peaceful atmosphere through design and decorating.

Goals: I would like to learn more about holistic wellness.
Favourite Sauna/Steam room: I love how refreshing the cold rinse feels after a sauna session!
Something Personal: When I am not at work, I enjoy spending my time in the mountains or participating in any outdoor activities! I love to ski, skate and hike!

Cassandra B. (she/her)

Relaxation Specialist
I am a Makami graduate who will be starting my massage practice very soon. I am a hard working fun loving individual with two beautiful boys who keep me on my toes!

I love working with people and helping out anywhere I can. I am not someone to be still, you will always see me moving around the facility.

Goals: My goal is to start massaging here at S&S, to grow my practice and keep learning all that I can.
Favourite Sauna/Steam room: Infrared
Something Personal: If I am not running around trying to keep up with my boys you will find me on the baseball diamond or volleyball court!

Alex T. (he/him)

Relaxation Specialist
I moved to Vancouver to pursue a Fashion Marketing diploma from Blanche Macdonald Centre. I enjoy working with people and providing a high quality experience for everyone. I enjoy working in a peaceful and calming environment.

I value self care and self growth.

Favorite Sauna or Steam room: Steam Room
Goals: A goal of mine is to be more active and spend more time outdoors. A work goal of mine would be to learn more about overall business operations.
Something Personal: I love to do my skincare and enjoy a good beauty rest. I also love chemistry and learning about the formulation of skincare.